Dui/Drugs, Personal Injury, Criminal Law

J. Martelino, Jr.
        Attorney at Law


J. Martelino, Jr. works almost exclusively in criminal and traffic law. 

Areas of concentration include:    

Driving under the influence,
Driving while intoxicated,
Habitual offender,
Driving with suspended license,
Driving while on the revoked list,
Hit & run,
Failing to stop,
Eluding, disregarding police,
Drug possession, possession with intent to distribute, marijuana, cocaine, heroin
Assault & battery,
Unlawful wounding,
Malicious wounding
Burglary, breaking & entering, trespass, trespassing
Grand larceny, petit larceny, theft, shoplifting, joyriding,
Credit card fraud,
Bad checks
Abduction, kidnapping, robbery, carjacking
Discharge a firearm from / to occupied dwelling / vehicle
Arson, burn personal property, threaten to bomb,
Obstruction of Justice,
Giving false information to a law enforcement officer,
Firearm, weapon, gun,
Concealed weapon, butterfly knife, switchblade, machete, sawed-off shotgun.



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